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In your tutorial for the optimization of a level via the room markers and portals, I had a situation that I'm sure others may want to know as well.

How do you handle 3+way hallways, especially in a more complex layout? I am trying to get a hallway system done that is fairly complex when I started the tutorial and started trying to mark the halls. I'm not quite sure how I *should* mark the hallways, and there are many splits. If you can see a portal *through* another portal, can you see the room beyond that portal?

For 3+ hallways, there are a couple of things you can try. (1)Make two room markers that cover the hallways and then select both of them. With them selected, join the two together by hitting the button on the main tool bar that looks like two cubes with a red line joining them (sixth button from the left I believe). This button will join the two markers and make them act as one. (2)Or you can zoom out and look at your level from a different perspective. I don't know how big your level is, but you might be able to group your hallways together under one room marker (instead of trying to make a separate room marker for each hallway).
Regarding your last question. Yes, if you can see a portal through another portal, then you see the room beyond that portal. Be careful how many portals you can see from one view point. The more visible portals there are, the longer it takes to process and figure out what should render and what should not. Too many visible portals will start to hurt frame rate. Jbrowne 15:48, 10 February 2009 (UTC)
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