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Hi Quarn! You've edited a series of function pages, and some changes go against the standards. That's not a big surprise as we're still working on establishing those. Feel free to jump into the discussion here and here if you want to discuss any of the following points.

  • Eventually all functions will use the function template, that will make it much easier to change things on all pages simultaneously and it enforces layout standards. You don't have to add it to every function page, but you should definitely not remove it!
  • Headers are bolded already by the theme, there's no need to use ''' to bold them again.
  • See Also sections should be lists, don't use <br>.
  • We've decided to leave the CS Wiki links on the function pages as there may be useful information on the CS Wiki talk pages.

I know this information is still scattered around several pages, when we have something solid we'll write a style guide. Help is very much appreciated, but keep the above points in mind.
--Qazaaq 09:56, 20 April 2009 (UTC)

Leaving messages back and forth on user talk pages is common, so you're doing it right. I tend to keep discussion on one page though, it's easier to read and it's impossible for others to respond otherwise (who's page are you going to leave a message on?). If there's anything seriously messed up I can easily revert the pages, that's not a problem. You're not to blame anyhow, we should have had a style guide already.
  • The advantages of the template are a standard layout which can be changed easily. If we decide to remove the links to the CS Wiki for example, all we have to do is remove it from the template. It's also brought back with the same ease. Enforcing standards with a template will make our work much easier.
  • Not everything on the CS Wiki discussion pages is suitable for the article page. Sometimes it's not properly tested, of historical value or it's a script specific problem. It also makes it easy to see the difference between the two functions. This is not relevant for everyone, but reason enough to keep the link on the function page. At least, that's what we decided to do for now.
Lastly, we're working on getting things organized here, but we all have limited time to do so. If you have information that should be on the Wiki, you should add it, even if it doesn't follow the standards. We'll fix it eventually.
--Qazaaq 12:22, 20 April 2009 (UTC)
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