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I am totally clueless as to where this content will end up being displayed. However, I am in such a bind! It is intended for the author of the GECK tutorial. Please excuse me if this takes up valuable space somewhere that it should not.

I am a short-time member here and am dedicated to all things Fallout. As I am certain many, or all, of you here share the same feelings about this game - I luv it!

Taking the next step to the GECK and hoping to use my expertise in creating some interesting adventures to share I have come to a deadass stop. Sorry. I am frustrated to the max. I am no idiot when it comes to following directions and working with GECK is set up and updated; I have printed out all of the tutorial notes and images; now the bummer; I can see zip in the Render Window, CANNOT get rid of the Navmeshes in the vault 74a I have set up to work with; and see nothing that I supposedly drag to the Render Window to set up the new vault.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and run from the download site and you name it and I have hit the exact same wall each and every time.

I am so jazzed to get going on this, especially after seeing all of the wonderful work everyone has submitted to the Nexus site. Many of you can understand exactly what I am saying here!! Please, if someone could lend me a hand here, I will try anything to get this GECK app to start moving.

Peace, Sehvinn

Hello Sehvinn, while Bethesda's construction kits are well-designed and easy to understand for the most part, there are still a lot of grey areas that are not obvious to all or may be buggy. Its good that you have the patience to ask here on the wiki. I'm not exactly sure where you're having the problem, but I think it is the Deleting a Cell's Contents section. In order to remove a navmesh from the current cell, you should have the cell displayed in the render window. If you have nothing in the render window, you must go to the Cell View window and find the cell in the dropdown box first that you want to work with. Double-clicking this cell will open it in the render window. If you have no cells in the Cell View window, then the master file (.esm) most likely wasn't loaded. Every time you restart the GECK, you must go to File->Data and tick off the Fallout3.esm master file (and your plugin, which should be set to active, if you've saved your progress in the GECK before). This populates the Object and Cell View windows with the .esm content. I hope this helped. If not, give some more specific details and I'll try to help more.--Omzy 23:24, 5 August 2009 (UTC)
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