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I am not a new person to modding and to geck system personally; yet today I've started to receive Assertion message stating:

File: C:\projects\fallout3PC\bsmain\messagehandler.h

Line: 126

Although my files are located at F drive, not C drive.

I've searched for the solution to this for a good quarter of a day or 6 hours. I have not come to a good solid answer, only speculations. Most of the time I only do mods for myself and my friends, but started since oblivion to get used to bethesda modding tools. I'd like to think I'm not too new to this, but I do need help to fix this issue.

So I'd like to request a page where people can submit their errors, problems, etc. and other members/bethesda supports can help to answer it. If it became a standard database, it would make solving problems like this a lot easier - if not just a small inconvinience.

Thank you, I hope you consider this as an important matter, -ZiP

Try the Forums for this sort of help. The wiki is more of a reference and collection of tutorials.
-- Cipscis 08:34, 11 December 2010 (UTC)
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