Weapon Mods


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Weapon Mods

Weapon mod items are new items roughly similar in behaviour to Misc items. They can be selected as 'mods' on a weapon's Mod Info tab.

Note, Weapon Mods have no effect in and of themselves- the only data they have is text description. Multiple different weapons can therefore use the same mod and grant different bonuses.

Weapon Mods can be scripted. However, they do not run their OnDrop or OnEquip blocks when they are attached to a weapon. In addition, attached Weapon Mods are effectively destroyed and merged into the weapon itself- they do not run their scripts, and cannot be detected using the GetEquipped function.

Weapon Mod Effects

Mods are assigned effects on the weapon's Mod Info tab. A weapon can make use of up to 3 mods, each of which can be assigned one of the effects from the list below. Each mod can have two values specified- each does a different thing depending on the effect specified. Very few modification effects use the second value.

  • Decrease Weight: Value #1 is a flat reduction to the weapon's weight.
  • Increase Weapon Damage: Value #1 is a flat bonus to the weapon's damage.
  • Increase Max Condition: Value #1 is a flat bonus added to the weapon's maximum condition.
  • Regenerate Ammo (Seconds): Value #1 is the number of seconds added to the weapon's recharge time. If negative, it reduces the time taken to recharge.
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