Ar Cat


A function added by the Lutana NVSE plugin.


Concatentates arrays, returning the combined result.

JIP NVSE Plugin v40 merged Lutana NVSE plugin v19. As of JIPv40, This function's syntax was changed from Lutana v19, requiring that you pass the arrays via their IDs (set to integers) if you use the script compiler override (CO).


(array) ar_Cat baseArrayID:arrayVar toAddArrayID:arrayVar 


(array) pinto_Cat baseArrayID:arrayVar toAddArrayID:arrayVar

Example (regular)

array_var arrA ; array to add to
array_var arrB ; array to add
ar_cat arrA, arrB

Example (with CO)

array_var arrA
array_var arrB
int iArrAID
int iArrBID
set iArrAID to arrA
set iArrBID to arrB
ar_Cat iArrAID iArrBID

Old Syntax (Lutana standalone)

(concatenatedArray) ar_Cat arrayToAddTo:array arrayToAdd:array


Ar_Cat changes the "to add to" array in place, and will not return anything if you 'let' an arrayVar to it (ie let SomeArray := ar_cat arrayA, arrayB), producing NVSE errors. An alternative way that only requires NVSE is using ar_insertrange with the index being the size of the base array.

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