Ar InsertRange


A function added by the New Vegas Script Extender.


Similar to Ar_Insert, but allows for multiple new elements to be inserted at once. Inserts a range of elements into an Array-type array (list) at the specified index, provided the index is not greater than the current size of the array.

Elements above the insertion index are shifted up by the number of elements inserted. The range is itself passed as an Array, and each element of the range is inserted into the target Array in order.

Usable only with Array-type (regular/list) arrays. Note that this function modifies an array in place and returns a boolean, not a new array.


(bool) Ar_InsertRange Array:array Index:int ToInsert:array


array_var MyList
array_var MyInsertion

let MyList := Ar_List SunnyREF, CheyenneREF

let MyInsertion := Ar_List Beer, Jet, Knife

Ar_InsertRange MyList, 1, MyInsertion

; * MyList now contains: SunnyREF, Beer, Jet, Knife, CheyenneREF

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