Body Part



Body Parts can be added to BodyPartData objects.

  • Part Name: Display name of the part.
  • Part Type: The assigned type of body part.
  • Part Node: The specific bone (node) that the body part is attached to.
  • VATS Target: The bone (node) that is used by VATS to identify this part.
  • Actor Value: The actor value that will be affected when this body part is reduced to zero. Note that Body Parts are "grouped" in VATS by Actor Value.
  • Damage Mult: The damage multiplier used for damage done to this body part.
  • Health Percent: The percentage of the actor's total health at which that body part becomes crippled.
  • To Hit Chance: The base percentage change to hit this body part target in VATS.
  • Severable: If checked, body part can be severed from body.
  • IK Data: If checked, sets up the Inverse Kinematics per body part.
    • Biped Data: Checked if body part is used for movement, typically for two-legged actors.
    • Is Head: Checked if body part is the head.
    • Headtracking: Checked if the head will turn towards its target.
    • Tracking Max Angle: This is the maximum angle the actor will turn its head to look at something.
  • Body Part Explodes: If checked, body part will explode based on following settings:
    • Explosion Chance %: The possibility that the body part will explode.
    • Unnamed model textbox: The art file for the explosion (.NIF). Use the edit to browse for the file.
    • Explosion type: Editor ID of the explosion.
    • Generic Debris: Editor ID of the debris.
    • Debris Count: Number of debris to appear when explosion takes place.
    • Debris Scale: Scale of debris when explosion takes place.
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