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CameraShot objects set up cameras for VATS playback.

CameraShot Dialog

  • ID: Unique indentifier for this form.
  • Path: The name of the file used for this object.
  • Camera Location: Specifies where the camera is located.
  • Camera Target: The object that the camera is pointed at.
  • Camera Action: When the camera should be activated, whether it be when the command starts, when the projectile starts to fly, or when the target takes the hit.
  • Position Follows Target: Checked if the camera should change position to stay with the target.
  • Don't Follow Bone: Overides the camera following the weapon bone of the attacker and uses the center of the actor instead (Bip01).
  • Start At Time Zero: Forces the camera animation to start at the begining of its sequence.
  • Rotation Follows Target: Check this to have the camera rotation change to keep the Camera Target in the center of the screen. Uncheck it and the Camera Target may move off screen.
  • First Person Camera: Ignores the camera path nif and uses first person view.
  • No Tracer: The bullets viewed in this camera path will not have tracers.
  • Time Multiplier:
    • Global: This modifies the global time multiplier. It will adjust everything in the scene except for the VATS playback CameraShot.
    • Player Multiplier: How fast the player moves in comparison to the modified global time.
    • Target Multiplier: How fast the target moves in comparison to the modified global time.
  • Min Time: This is the minimum amount of time the camera will playback before switching to the next camera.
  • Max Time: This is the max time the camera will playback before switching to the next camera.
  • Target % Between Actors: The focus of the camera is set a percentage distance between the Target and Actor.
  • Imagespace Mod: Editor ID of ImageSpace Modifier that plays during shot.
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