A function included in the GECK version


Causes the actor to invoke the Actor Effect immediately on themselves bypassing the casting animation. This works for Actor Effects that are target self.


[ObjectRefID].CastImmediateOnSelf SpellID:ref 


[ObjectRefID].CIOS SpellID:ref


myRef.CastImmediateOnSelf mySpell
SydneyRef.CIOS Stimpak


  • This function only works with self targeted Actor Effects (i.e. the "Self" selection is available under "Range" for each spell effect).
  • This function only works for Actor Effects which have a specified duration greater than zero. A duration of zero for any Base Effect will result in the effect not being activated, even if the effect has the "No Duration" box checked.
    • This limitation can be effectively bypassed by setting the duration to a very large number. Durations as long as 3,650 days can be used without issue.


  • This can also be used with Ingestible items, by substituting the item's Form ID for the Actor Effect ID.
  • In practice this will be often be used similarly to adding an ability (something that you want to effect the actor, but that you don't want him "casting"), however, rather than adding it to the base object (as addSpell does) CastImmediateOnSelf will only affect the reference and has a duration (because it is a spell, rather than an ability).
  • This function is new in the GECK, and was not available in the TES4 Construction Set.

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