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INI files are read from and written to in the Data\config\ folder (as in MCM's INI functions). Format Example

If no filename is specified, the name of the mod the function is called from is used. Subdirectories can be defined in the path, e.g. "subDir\nameOfFile"

Writing to an INI file that does not exist will create it along with any non-existent subdirectories in its path.

A keystring is a string containing both the section and key in the format: "Section:Key" ('\' and '/' may also be used as the delimiter.)


If you don't know the name of the INI file, or you want to provide the ability for users to drop additional files with additional settings (say, for renaming objects) then these functions are also useful, allowing you to get all the files in a folder and process them without hard-coding in file names. GetFilesInFolder GetFoldersInFolder

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