A list of templates that can be used in Wiki articles. To use a Template, insert

{{Template Name}}

into the page; it will be replaced (in the page, not in the plaintext) with the current version of the Template.

If a template is changed, that change is reflected on every page that transcludes the page (as described above). Non-template pages actually can be transcluded, but you have to include the namespace because the Wiki software assumes you mean the Template: namespace when you don't supply one. Note that the "blank" namespace is actually the "(Main):" namespace.

You can link to a Template the same way you link to a Category, with a colon before Template: [[:Template:Name]].

To insert the template into the plaintext, so that it will not be updated if the template is changed, use the subst: command:

{{subst:Template Name}}

Templates can have parameters that allow them to change based on how they are used. You can pass arguments to the parameters like so:

{{Name|Argument 1|Argument 2}}

Some parameters are named, so you have to specify it by name:

{{Name|Parameter = Argument}}

The "unnamed" parameters are actually named by number, so you can use the numbers to skip parameters if you wish:

{{Name|Argument 1|3 = Argument 3}}
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