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A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


Clears and deletes all array_vars and string_vars created by the mod owning the script from which the function is called.

The two optional arguments are "exclude lists", and may be used for specifying which array_vars and string_vars are not to be deleted.

The main use of this function is for fixing/preventing bloating of the NVSE co-save file with orphaned arrays/strings, which were (for any reason) not properly deleted and/or are no longer being referenced. This bloating may, in some cases, significantly increase loading times.


ClearModNVSEVars arraysToKeep:array_var stringsToKeep:array_var


let aKeepArrays := ar_List aArray1, aArray2, aArray3
let aKeepStrings := ar_List sString1, sString2
ClearModNVSEVars aKeepArrays aKeepStrings

Deletes all arrays except the ones specified in aKeepArrays, and all strings except the ones specified in aKeepStrings.


Deletes all arrays and strings.

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