Creating a New Base Object


There are 2 ways to create a new base object:

  1. New object - if you want an icon and/or model, the file will need to be unpacked from the .bsa.
  2. Copy another object - will copy the icon and model from the original object, so the file doesn't need to be unpacked.

New object

  1. In the Object Window, select the type of object you want from the treed-list on the left (i.e., Activator, Spell, Key)
  2. Press Insert or right-click in the right window and select New
  • Note that this object won't have a model or icon. You can set it manually, but this also requires copying the file from the .bsa file to the appropriate directory. It is much easier to create a copy of an item with the desired model and icon.

Copied object

Changing the EditorID will allow you to copy a base object

  1. Select the base object with the icon and model you would like your new base object to have
    • You can check the icon and model by double-clicking the base object
  2. "Change" the EditorID of the base object
    • Click the EditorID of the base object once to hightlight it, and then again to change it, then give it a new EditorID and press Enter
    • You can also change it in the Edit menu
      1. Right-click on it and select edit or double-click it
      2. Once in the edit menu, change the EditorID and press OK
  3. You should see the dialogue
    Create a new object?
    No will rename this object
    • Select "Yes"
  4. If necessary, make any further changes to the new base object through the Edit Menu
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