Derived Skill Settings


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These settings are used when calculating certain actor values, such as your characters melee weapon skill value.

Setting Default Description
fAVDSkillPrimaryBonusMult 2.0 For each point in a SPECIAL Primary Statistic (other than Luck), the linked Skill is increased by this much.
fAVDSkillLuckBonusMult 0.5 For each point of Luck, all Skills are increased by this much.
fAVDSkillSKILLNAMEBase 2.0 The base value of the SKILLNAME skill is set to this.
fAVDTagSkillBonus 15 This setting controls how many bonus points are given to a skill chosen as a tag skill. Note: if this setting is updated while the pipboy is open, the skill display will not reflect the updated value until the pipboy is reopened.
iSkillPointsTagSkillMult 1 Tagged skills gain this many skill points per point spent on them when leveling up.
iLevelUpSkillPointsBase 11 The base number of skill points available during level up before intelligence and perk bonuses
iLevelUpSkillPointsInterval 1 This value is multiplied with the player's intelligence value to determine the number of bonus skill points gained from intelligence when leveling. Note: The player's intelligence value is decreased by 1 before being multiplied by this value.

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