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When I launch fallout it looks nothing like this picture. It says Continue, New, Options, Live, Downloads...etc.

I don't see DATA FILES anywhere.

Are you running Fallout 3 on a console? Everything you'll find on this Wiki is pretty much specific to the PC, given that the GECK and User-made Mods are only for the PC.
-- Cipscis 02:12, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
No, I'm running on PC. Just bought and installed today.
  1. Downbloaded geck, it downloaded to a seperate folder.
  2. I sent EVERYTHING from that folder into my fallout 3 folder (Program files..bethesda...fallout...etc.)
  3. I ran G.E.C.K, did the exact tutorial, then saved.
  4. Went to my computer...etc. Ran Fallout.
  5. My load up screen is the same is the console. It says "Continue, New, Options...etc"
  6. In the picture I viewed in the tutorial the background was black and it said "Play, Options, DATA FILE, Tech Support, Exit"
So our loadup screens are different, my never shows DATA FILE, just the stuff from the console version. How do I get it so it says DATA FILE.
  1. Here is a picture of the screen I DONT Get -
  2. Here is a video of the screen I DO Get -
(BTW, my G.E.C.K is working fine, like I made a map, but it just wont let me open or give me the option to view it in Fallout.)
First, please don't erase previous portions of the conversation; this makes it very hard for new people to help you. Secondly, I've edited your post to use Wiki mark-up - this makes it easier to read. In particular, colons in front of each paragraph will indent them - you should start each paragraph with one more colon than the person you're responding to, to make things easier to read. Also, sign all posts in Discussion pages with ~~~~.
Secondly, hmm.. I don't know Russian. I can't tell you what's wrong with it. I've heard the Russian version of the game has some absurd copy-protection on it, but mods are supposed to work on it. Have you tried using Quarn's Little Boy utility or Timeslip's Fallout Mod Manager? These utilities may be able to help you.
Otherwise, please translate that video, because I can't tell what options are available there.
DragoonWraith · talk · 03:58, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
I can't read Russian either, but that's the in-game menu and not the launcher window. You have to start FalloutLauncher.exe instead of Fallout3.exe to access the launcher and the Data files dialog.
You can also use FOMM or one of the other mod managers to activate plugins. I think some users have problems activating mods with the launcher window.
--Qazaaq 07:04, 29 January 2009 (UTC)
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