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2&#09;Half Wan
2&#09;Half Wan
3&#09;One Wan
3&#09;One Wan
4&#09;One Wax
4&#09;No Moon
5&#09;Half Wax
5&#09;One Wax
6&#09;Three Wax</pre>
6&#09;Half Wax
7&#09;Three Wax</pre>
  |name = GetMoonTexture
  |name = GetMoonTexture
  |returnType = texturePath:string_var
  |returnType = texturePath:string_var

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A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


Returns a string_var with the texture path (relative to the Data folder) of the Moon, specified by moonType:

0	Full
1	Three Wan
2	Half Wan
3	One Wan
4	No Moon
5	One Wax
6	Half Wax
7	Three Wax


(texturePath:string_var) GetMoonTexture moonType:int


let sTexture := GetMoonTexture 3

Returns the texture path of the "One Wan" moon.

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