Guard Package


The Guard Package tells an actor to guard a specific reference (which could be an object, location, or even another actor). If an actor moves too near the guarded object, the guards will first warn and then attack the intruder (unless prevented from doing so by a faction relationship).

Package Specific Data

  • Reference to Guard: The target is the reference to be guarded.
  • Guard Radius: Within the radius, the guards will react to intruding actors.
  • Warn Behavior: Uncheck to turn off "warning/attacking" behavior. (Used for making an actor stay near a target during combat without attacking actors that come near him.) The actor will use the GuardTrespass topic to issue the warning.
  • Guard Location: Standard Location data. Guard Location is where the actor stands while running the guard package. A guard package with a target (object to guard) but no location automatically creates a location from the target.
    • Radius: If it has a radius greater than 0, the actor will wander within that radius.


  • Must reach location: Once guard package is started, guard must reach the Location before the package can be reevaluated.
  • Must Complete: Invalid. Guard packages marked "Must Complete" can never complete, therefore the package will never reevaluate.
  • Pretend In Combat: The actor will draw his weapon and will move and stand near the guard reference. Probably shouldn't be used.
  • Continue During Combat: If this is checked, actor will continue to stay at its Guard Location during combat -- it will attempt to remain within the guard location radius while combat is going on. If this is not checked, the actor will stop "guarding" once combat starts and act normally during combat (pursuing the enemy, seeking cover, etc. without reference to the guard location).


The guarding actor will move to the Guard Location when the package starts. If an actor enters the target's "guard radius", the guarding actor will warn them (using dialog topic GuardTrespass). Then the guarding actor will wait 5 seconds (fAITrespassWarningTimer) and either issue another warning (iGuardWarnings) or enter combat if the other actor is still in the radius.

Exceptions to the warning/attacking behavior are:

  • Owners (or faction owners) of the guarded reference.
  • Allies/Friends of the guarding actor.

The warn/attack behavior can be turned off by unchecking the Warn Behavior checkbox -- with this unchecked, the Guard package really only serves to keep actors near something during combat (with the Continue During Combat checked).

Game Settings

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