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Every time you ask a question or post a comment, don't forget to sign the entry with the signature button or by typing ~~~~. That will automatically insert your username, with a link to your user page and talk page, and the current date and time. This is important to keep track of when and by whom something is posted. Signatures should go directly after your message or under your message (you can force a line break with the XHTML tag <br /> or a double empty line).

Community Portal 
The Community Portal is the most important tool of communication if something concerns the whole Wiki or a large section. There's often discussion about organizational plans and issues, on which every opinion is valued. Take a look and tell us what you think! If you ever wonder what's going on behind the scenes, this is a good place to read up on already made decisions and upcoming changes. To add something new, click the + sign next to the EDIT button at the top and fill out the form, the new entry will appear at the bottom.
Administrator Noticeboard 
The Administrator Noticeboard is a place to requests changes to pages only the sheriffs can change, or even requests for Bethesda. This is not the place for questions or discussion, those things should take place elsewhere.
Article Talk Pages 
If you have a question about the contents of a specific page, it's talk page is the best place to put it. Not only questions, but also criticism and update notes should go on the talk page. It's a good idea to take a look on an article's talk page to see if your question is already answered, before asking a question or looking for the answer elsewhere.
User Talk Pages 
User talk pages can be used to ask a question or message a specific user. However often users use their own talk page to ask a general question. These questions can be answered by anyone and are a good way to familiarize yourself with the Wiki if you don't know where to begin.

GECK Forum

The GECK Forum is the ideal place for discussion about anything related to making mods. Despite it's name all other tools used for modding are also discussed here. Asking a question is easy, but make sure you state your question as clearly as possible, this is especially important if you encountered a bug.


IRC is a more direct and faster way to get help or discuss a mod. There are two channels available if you need help or if you want to talk about modding or with modders in general.

  • #Fallout3modding @
  • #wikia-fallout @

To connect to an IRC channel you need an IRC client, there's a comparison between IRC clients on Wikipedia. For an introduction to IRC please see this page.

For more information, look at the IRC help page.

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