The quickest way to find what you're looking for is probably with the search function of the Wiki. However, if you don't know exactly what you're looking for or what to call it you'll miss a lot with the build in search function. Searching with Google is recommended, unless you know exactly what to search for.

Wiki Search function

The built-in search function is quickly accessible on the left but has a few limitations:

  • It can't search for substrings in page titles (AddScriptPackage won't show up when searching for Package unless that word appears in the article's text).
  • Searching for any word with 3 characters or less will yield 0 results, without a warning.
  • Searching for 2 or more words will only yield pages with all of the words on it.
  • It takes some time to update the search index, but this also counts for Google.

If these limitations won't affect your search result there's no harm in using the search bar on the left.

Manually adding search terms to pages is an attempt to improve the search functionality on the Wiki.

Searches, by default, search the main namespace (normal articles) and Categories. Which namespaces are searched can be customized after the Search (and the Search must be re-run afterwards), or the default Search can be changed in User Preferences.

Still Looking for an Article?

If Searching hasn't worked for you, and you are unfamiliar with the navigation of the GECK Wiki, please read our Welcome to the Wiki!

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