NavMesh Keyboard Mapping


The NavMesh Keyboard Mapping is used when working in the Render Window while NavMesh Editing is turned on. For the default keyboard mapping, see GECK Keyboard Mapping.

Function Default Key Icon Notes
Create Triangle A Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsCreateTriangle.jpg Creates triangle if three vertices are selected or a quad if four vertices are selected
Change Draw Mode W Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsViewMode01.jpg Toggle view modes (normal view)
Change Draw Mode W Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsViewMode02.jpg Toggle view modes (x-ray view)
Change Draw Mode W Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsViewMode03.jpg Toggle view modes (navmesh-only view)
Clear Selection D Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsDeselect.jpg Deselects
Delete Selection R Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsDeleteSelected.jpg Deletes Selection
Drop Vertices F Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsDropVerts.jpg Drop selected vertices to the ground
Toggle Object Visibility Shift+C N/A Hides everything but the Navmesh
Finalize Cell CTRL+1 Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsFinalizeCell.jpg Finalizes cell navmeshes
Find Cover Edges 2 Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsFindCover.jpg Run automatic Cover Search
Hide Selected Navmesh(es) H N/A Hides selected navmesh(es)
Inverse Flood Fill I Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsInverseFloodFill.jpg Selects all triangles not in the selected triangle's navmesh
Merge Selected Vertices M Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsMergeVerts.jpg Merges selected vertices
Merge Selected Vertices Q Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsMergeVerts.jpg Merges selected vertices
Open Edge Properties Dialog E Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsEditCoverForEdge.jpg Manually define Cover Data
Check Navmesh Dialog CTRL+F Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsFindTriangle.jpg Used to check for errors and lookup tri by index
Flip/Swap Edge S Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsEdgeRotate.jpg Rotates selected edge
Toggle Edge Select Mode G Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsEdges.jpg Enable/Disable Edge Selection Mode
Toggle \"No Large Creature\" Triangle L N/A Prevents Behemoth/Liberty Prime from pathing here
Toggle Preferred Triangle P Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsPreferredPathing.jpg Selected Triangles preferred when building paths
Toggle Triangle Select Mode T Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsTriangle.jpg Enable/Disable Triangle Selection Mode
Toggle Vertex Select Mode V Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsVerts.jpg Enable/Disable Vertex Selection Mode
View Loaded Navmesh Only N N/A Toggle Rendering of navmeshes outside loaded cell (exterior)
Toggle Water Triangle O Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsToggleWater.jpg Marks Triangle as underwater
Unhide all Navmeshes CTRL+H N/C Unhides all navmeshes
Enter/Exit Navmesh Editing CTRL+E Jbrowne IconNavmeshEditing.jpeg Toggle navmesh mode
Flood Fill F Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsFloodFill.jpg Select all triangles connected to the selected triangle
Test Path N/A Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsTestPath.jpg Test Navmesh
Balance for Optimization N/A Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsBalanceOpt.jpg Balance for Optimization
Cut Selected Object N/A Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsCutSelected.jpg Cut Selected Object
Open Navmesh Generation Dialog N/A Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsOpenNavmesh01.jpg Open Navmesh Generation Dialog
Open Advanced Navmesh Generation Dialog N/A Jb NavmeshToolBarIconsOpenNavmesh02.jpg Open Advanced Navmesh Generation Dialog
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