A function added by the JIP NVSE Plugin.


Sets the X, Y, and Z components of local acceleration (in Game Units per second squared) due to gravity for the current cell.

X and Y accelerations in the game are always zero, by default. Modifying them to non-zero values may, theoretically, be used to cause gravity to act in a non-vertical direction.

Negative values are the norm, causing objects to accelerate downward, but positive values are also acceptable.

Changing the gravity for an exterior cell changes it for all exterior cells until it is reset by another call to this function. Changes to gravity in an interior cell affect only that cell, and the change will be reset once the cell is reloaded.


SetLocalGravityVector xGravity:float yGravity:float zGravity:float


SetLocalGravityVector 0 0 -45

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