RefID.SetScale float


SetScale 1.5

Sets the scale of the calling object to the specified amount: 1.0 being "normal size", 2.0 being twice normal size, etc.

BrahminRef.SetScale 0.9

Sets the scale of BrahminRef to 90% of that which it used to be.


  • SetScale can be used to pseudo-disable items without preventing OnLoad block from loading by using 0 as its parameter
  • When called on dead actors (tested from console), the value returned by GetScale will update but the size of the actor will stay the same. ResurrectActor will cause the size of the actor to update, as will calling Disable followed by Enable.
  • The "weight" of Actors will update with their scale, i.e. actors at scale 0.5 will be easier to carry than actors at scale 2.0.
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