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A function included in the GECK version


This function is used to simplify processing during complex scenes involving many actors in combat. As such it needs to be used carefully and only under controlled circumstances, as it significantly changes the behavior of the game while it is set.

Important note: this flag is cleared every frame, so in order to maintain the "complex scene" flag you need to set it in a script which is running on something in the loaded area (such as a load door or activator).

The important changes the "complex scene" flag make are:

  • animation and sound details are reduced
  • target disposition checks are not run as a part of "should attack" checks for actors already in combat
  • combat does not check movement restrictions (actors may sidestep into objects, off ledges, etc)
  • low and middle-low process levels do not update -- very important! This means that actors which are not in the loaded area WILL NOT UPDATE while this flag is set -- meaning they will not go through load doors, for example. This is the main reason this command needs to be used with caution.
  • excess dead bodies in the loaded area are cleaned up more frequently
  • avoidance is disabled (actors won't open doors or angle away from each other)


SetSceneIsComplex enable:int


SetSceneIsComplex 1

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