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Jeff Browne

Jeff Browne is a level designer at Bethesda Game Studios. Some of his contributions to Fallout 3 include the Dunwich Building, the Mall, Pennsylvania Avenue, Takoma Park, Seward Square, Falls Church, Evergreen Mills Exterior, Raven Rock, Statesman Hotel, Museum of Technology, Wheaton Armory, Fairfax, National Guard Depot, Mechanist's Lair, and Our Lady of Hope Hospital.

Extend Navmesh over grid cell borders in exteriors

how do i extend the nav meshes over grid cell borders in exteriors? they seem to hit an invisible barrier and i cant move em further... thx jaysus

Each exterior cell has its own navmesh. To see the boundaries, you can press 'B'. Hitting an "invisible barrier" when navmeshing an exterior cell just means you reached the border of that cell. To continue navmeshing past that boundary, create another navmesh in the neighboring cell. To connect a cell's navmesh to a neighboring cell's navmesh, line up the vertices on the border and go to Navmesh -> Finalize Cell Navmeshes. If your edges line up, a green line should appear in your navmesh. This means the cells' navmeshes are connected. For more information on navmeshing exteriors click here. For more information on finalizing, click here. Jbrowne 18:04, 17 December 2008 (UTC)

thanx :)

Trouble with followers

My followers are not going through teleports and as far as I can tell I'm doing everything correctly.

I thoroughly set up the triangles without any warnings, set up the teleports (works perfectly for the player), and finalize both cells producing green triangles on both ends. I save and load the mod in game. Sometimes my follower goes through the teleport with me, but frequently he does not. I've fiddled with it for several hours with no success.

If it matters I've been trying this with Dogmeat.

Follower Woes

I am having same issue. Follow directions to the T and end up with a space that followers refuse to enter, they just sit at the door outside. After looking at other bethseda made doors and the meshes around them they seem almost identical in structure to mine, cept follwoers like theirs and hate mine. It seems lotd of people are having this issue not only with the tutorial vault but any space they wish to create. I've found 4 mods where they managed to get it to work but it was after 2-3 days of arguing with the mesh and all attribute it to luck and have no idea what made it work and even then most of them you have to enter then wait 2 hours game time and follower pops up next to you. Is there some simple step we are missing?

Path Testing

It may be helpful to point out and stress the need to path test your navmesh. I was having the hardest time with one of my NPCs just standing around ignoring their AI package until I found a page on path testing. I noticed there were a couple of spots where the path turned yellow, and I discovered that these yellow marked lines indicated that the NPC could not make it through using the navmesh. This may also be the cause of the NPC issues above. --Reflection Rip 22:44, 15 June 2009 (UTC)

Navmesh error

As the page says that the navmesh can be wrong and must be fixed. When I save my game I don't get the error but the Send/Don't send message pop up and my navmesh isn't saved.

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