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I remember hearing complaints of items being taken from containers via Find Packages being duplicated (i.e. the item is not removed from the container). Can anyone confirm this? - e.g.NPC find AI Question
-- Cipscis 01:17, 23 December 2008 (UTC)

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I had strange issues with find package (exactly same issues with travel package), called by AddScriptPackage :

On "friendly" raiders faction members (NPC will not attack player by default, but attack him if player starts to be hostil), I wanted to call a find package to control the player identity (-> he is friendly at the begining of the package, so the NPC run to the player and greet him).

-> 1st issue : if the package flags "Always run" and "Weapon drawn" are selected, the NPC is stucked and wont move anymore (even after a removescriptPackage). So I had to only select the "Always Run" flag, and forget "Weapon drawn".

-> 2nd Issue : if the player attacks the NPC during the find package (before he activates the player to speak with him) => the NPC will turn in combat (name in red, IsInCombat == 1), but continue to infinitly run to the player (even after the find package ending), insult him as he was combating player, but don't do anything else. The unique solution I found after 6hours of testing is to add any weapon to the NPC, then force him to equip it. After that he will correctly combat the player.

What I used to debug NPCs in case of player engage combat during the package :

If GetIsCurrentPackage FindPackID == 1 && GetCombatTarget == player && IsWeaponOut == 0	
  If getItemcount Weap10mmPistol == 0
     additem Weap10mmPistol 1 1
  If GetEquipped Weap10mmPistol == 0
     Additem Ammo10mm 10 1
     EquipItem Weap10mmPistol

Thanatos00 14:22, 31 august 2010 (UTC)

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