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Joel Burgess

Joel Burgess is lead level designer at Bethesda Game Studios. Some of his contributions to Fallout 3 include the Liberty Prime sequence, drainage chamber, the design of Wasteland Points of Interest and Downtown DC, as well as contributing to the design and implementation of game systems and internal tools such as the GECK.

Trigger location

"We want to surround the Overseer's Office with this trigger, as pictured below." Does this mean that if the player moves the quest target (holotape) out of the room (by blasting it or moving with the Z key etc.) before picking it up, the quest end trigger doesn't get activated? Supermagle 12:37, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

The holotape model has no physics data, so this shouldn't be a concern. But yes, if there were some way that the player could acquire the holotape while outside the trigger, this technique wouldn't work. In those cases you may want to use larger triggers, scripted dummies, or a gameMode block on a quest script - but those are all less efficient alternatives that use unnecessary CPU resources. Joel Burgess 19:04, 20 February 2009 (UTC)

Holotapes [Question]

I Need a little help if could be provided... I've been gettin' curious about this quest thing, and for my quest and rewards, I wanted to create a voice holotape... As far as I know I need a mic, and i know how to create a recording using the windows software...(I think even my granny would know how to do that after a couple o' days using the pc.. but whatever..) So could you teach me how to create a voice holotape??? Any help would be appreciated...

Obs: I'm putting some sweat into this vault 74, i did a lot of modifications n' added a lot of extras... like rooms n' items... So the sooner someone help the better, cuz' as soon as it's done, I'll post my .esp for download, And you can try it out and tell whatcha think... thanx...

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