Use Weapon Package


The Use Weapon Package governs the behavior for an actor using weapons.

Package Specific Data

  • Weapon: Choose a specific weapon or weapon type.
  • Target:
    • If checked, select a reference to shoot at.
    • If not checked, actor will fire weapon in the air in the direction they are facing.
  • Target Location: Standard Location data. If checked, actor will wait at the Location (not firing) until target is within target location.
  • Flags:
    • Hold Fire When Blocked: Will not shoot if shot is blocked by a movable object.
    • Crouch to Reload: Self explanatory.
    • Always Hit: Shots will be treated as having hit the target, even if they hit something else.
    • Do No Damage: Shots may hit target, but will not deal any damage.
  • Fire Rate:
    • Auto fire: Actor will fire full clips as fast as he can.
    • Volley fire: Actor will fire volleys (randomly choosing volley size between Min and Max each time), with the specified pause (randomly choosing between min and max, in seconds).
  • Fire Count:
    • Repeat fire: Actor will continue to fire as specified in Fire Rate. With this selection, package has no "Done" state.
    • Number of bursts: Actor will fire the specified number of bursts (defined according to Fire Rate), and then stop firing and be considered "Done".


  • Pretend In Combat: Invalid.
  • Continue During Combat: Invalid.


  1. Actor will move to the specified Location.
  2. The actor will then shoot at the Target using the rules specified by the Flags, Fire Rate, and Fire Count.
    • If Target Location is specified, the actor will wait for the Target to enter the target location before firing.
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