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About Me

I'm a 20 year old University student, currently studying Biomedical Engineering at the University of Auckland, currently in the third year of my degree.

I have a strong computing background, both from my Tertiary Education and from stuff that I've taught myself. I taught myself to touch type at around age 14, and I taught myself to write html and css in late 2006 - which lead to me doing html/css work for a Web Design company, Terabyte Interactive, over the summers of 2006 and 2007. I've also been taught a small amount of C, Matlab and VB at Uni, and done a bit of C++ in my own time.

I bought Fallout 3 soon after its release, mainly in the interest of Modding it. My interest lies in the scripting side of things, but I've dabbled in a few other aspects of Modding before.

Current Projects

General Scripting Tutorials

I've recently finished writing the first tutorial in a series of scripting tutorials, aimed at people who want to learn the ins and outs of scripting in Fallout 3. The tutorial is currently hosted on several forums, and BonzoFSP has kindly "translated" it into Wiki markup so that it might be hosted here as well. Here is the link if you are interested - Scripting for Beginners

I'm currently writing the second tutorial in the series, and am planning on covering the following topics:

  • Accessing variables remotely
  • Result scripts
  • Debugging
  • Common problems that can be difficult to track down. Will probably be expanded into a standalone document at this rate - kind of a debugging FAQ.

Later tutorials will focus more on specific tools that are available, such as tokens. If there is anything that you'd like me to include in a tutorial, let me know and I'll do my best to help you.

Syntax Highlighting

If anyone's interested, I've created a user-defined language in Notepad++ that provides syntax highlighting for scripts in Fallout 3 (automatically detects files with extension *.fo3 as Fallout 3 scripts). Here's a RapidShare download link:

I will be updating this syntax highlighter with each successive release of FOSE to include any new functions or keywords. The latest supported version is FOSE v1.

Past Projects

Adding an Options Menu

I've written a Tutorial for creating a multi-level options menu like the ones that I've used in my Fallout 3 Mods - AMPUTATE! and CASM

Here is a link to the tutorial - Adding an Options Menu. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know in its discussion page.


I've found some pretty odd behaviour when testing different things that doesn't yet have a place in the Wiki, due to the fact that I've no idea what's causing it. I've recorded these bugs here - User:Cipscis/Testing

Contact Me

You can contact me in the following ways:

  • Leave a comment here on my user talk page
  • Send me a PM on the official forums, where I am also known as Cipscis
  • Send me a PM on the Nexus forums, where I am also known as Cipscis
  • Send me an email at [email protected]
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