About Me

I am an immigrant from the Oblivion modding community, one of moderately high repute (not quite as high as the likes of, say, DragoonWraith, QZilla, etc). I'm a jack-of-all-trades modder; I do a bit of scripting, a bit of object form editing (weapons, etc), a bit of texturing, a bit of modeling. I'm going into Game Design, so modding is a great place to cut my teeth. I also am one of the more feedback-happy NifTools users (and am recognized as such by the NifTools team ;) ).

My Mods

You can see a list of all my mods on Fallout 3 Nexus. My favorite of the bunch is the YK40 Pulse Pistol, made in cooperation with JoeFoxx. The most popular of my mods amongst the FO3 Nexus users, Bare Midriff Leather Armor, is rather telling of the propensities of the FO3 community. ;) And it doesn't even show that much skin, really...

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